Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sticky Topic (Talking Tape here)

Hello again all. been a few days since out last post on here, got caught up with the Star Trek Online Free 2 Play event that started up at the end of January and the Big 2 year birthday even they had on Feb 2nd. But that's over so on to costuming.....

OK so I noticed that will all the talk about spray painting I hadn't talked about a very important thing...

Now this is one thing that I will say go and spend a little bit of money and buy good tape. The Dollar Store tape is not a good idea and can screw you up in the end. The Dollar Store tape tends to tear off at crazy spots or not at all and also tends not to stick very well. I use 2 tapes in my projects and you can get them both at Wal-Mart for not that much. I'm gonna talk about them both from my experience and as the old saying goes "your experience may differ"

I love masking tape for the simple reason that its cheap and it sticks to its self very well. just a tip here keep it out of reach from your dog or you will loose the whole roll. The main problem I have seen with masking tape is that it you press it down to hard to a painted surface it will stick to the paint and pull it free. and if you have done a lot of spray painting and it you use it to mask that paint and it pulls it up..... No fun at all. I have had this happen a few more times then I care to admit. I usually use masking tape when I am lining out my main colors and using it to block out my secondary colors area.


Painters tape is another essential I have found you have to have. The only problem I have with this tape is that it doesn't stick very well to its self and you do have to press a little hard on it to get it to stick. The upside to that is that it will not snatch up the paint that it is covering up. I tend to use this a lot to cover up my main coat when I am spraying on my secondary colors ( such as camo patterns, lines, and shapes). well ladies and gents a little bit of a short article today but after valentines day I'm gonna post of the awesome valentines day present I am doing for my GF and show you how cheap it was to make it...... Stay tuned.