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John Stump
  I am 34 years old and I live in the State of Georgia in the USA. I grew up with Star trek and sci-fi in my life all the way. I grew up with re-runs all the way thur TNG and DS9 then that horrible ending for Voyager and don't even get me started about Enterprise. I am a total geek right now besides star trek I am into Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5 and Stargate. When I am not writing on here I am playing Star trek online with my free time. I do tend a lot of Sci-fi Conventions and have gotten to meet some great stars. When I am not enjoying Sci-fi I am serving my country. I am a 10 year veteran in the US.Army, I have done 3 tours in Iraq.

Dana Tyler
Dana Tyler is a 41 year old Alumni of Gwinnett Technical College with a degree in Accounting. She works for APL Logistics as an Administrative Assistant handling HR and accounting functions in addition to providing administrative support. She is mom to 4 furry children; Weezer, Rudy, Bella & Kit and has done work in the past with Chihuahua Rescue. Although new to fandom as a whole, she isn’t new to costuming. She handles the sewing projects and detail painting for the Stump-Tyler household, and assists her boyfriend John with other costuming projects as needed. She is a professional shopper and “cheapskate” and will share various tips for thrifty shopping and tips for sewing with anyone willing to hear them.

 Tater Stump-Tyler
Tater is a year old Chihuahua, and he is responsible for any and all typos and mistakes that you see on the Blog. 

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