Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dragon*Con Part 2

Hello again guys and gals!
 Sorry that tomorrow turned into a few weeks later but between work and school things have gotten busy. SO where was I...... AHHHHHHH yes Dragon*Con on Saturday. If you have never made it down for a Dragon*Con then saturday is the best day to come and check it out. Just to start of your fun filled day we have a huge parade that marches, dances, walks, and yells its way down Peachtree street. This year we had 3500 people in the parade along with 50+ vehicles. In the parade there are costumes from any fandom you can think of all the way from Star Wars to Harry Potter. The group I march with is the Obscurus Crusade group (Warhammer 40K). We had 30 people in our group this year that marched in the parade.

 After the Parade this year I spent most of the time exploring the dealers room and on a personal mission. I decided after speaking to Voltaire year and finding out that he was a Warhammer 40K fan I decided this year that I would get him to sign my plague banner. So after missing him all day friday I was finally able to catch him at his table on saturday afternoon. After a short chat he totally agreed to sign the banner and even said he was "proud to sign it and felt honored"
After the Voltair mission was accomplished me and the wife spent the day walking around the con snapping pics and also window shopping and ohhhhhhh-ing and ahhhhhh-ing at stuff.

Not the best pic (dang Iphone)
Later that evening I had to redress in the Plague preacher costume to get my picture taken and also get interviewed by CNN. The CNN interview (here is a link) was part of an I-Report program called Dragon*Con Before and After. They interviewed a lot of costumers and Cosplayers that were coming to Dragon*con and asked them to send a before picture and then at the convention they would finish the interviews and take the after picture.

So ladies and gents that was the highlights of my Dragon*Con experience...... I hear the voices out there asking but the Con was 4 days long, what about Sunday and Monday?? Our Sunday experience was spent checking out the dealers tables and art galleries and seeing friends and we didn't attend on Monday due to me having to work that evening.

 So ends Dragon*con 2012 but just wait 2013 is just around the corner and boy do we have some costume ideas in the work to show ya and can't wait for you guys to see them.... so stay tuned, spread the word and just to tease you here is a peek at 2013: