Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dragon*con 2012 part 1

Hello all!!!
Wow two months and no post form me, bet you guys thought I didn't love ya anymore huh? Well guess what.... I'MMMMMMM BACKKKKKK! Sorry for no post in august I was spending most of the month doing finishing touches on my Plague Preacher costume and getting ready for my panel. So today's post is gonna be a short one and filled with pictures from the convention:

Day 1 (Friday)
 Friday is the first official day of the convention and we started it out nice and early walking around and watching the convention fill up. We spent most of the time just killing time till I had to go and help set up a meet and greet with my Warhammer 40,000 Costuming group Obscurus Crusade

After a great meet up and handing out some parade passes I had to take off early from the meet and greet so that I could make it to my very first Dragon*Con costuming panel. The panel I was invited to speak on was called "Costuming on a Shoestring Budget".  I walked in and wasn't expecting to see that many people there but was really surprised when I walked into a full room. I have to say was a new experience sitting up on the stage looking out on the crowd:
The panel was a lot of fun and got asked lots of questions. Thanks to Lee Cox, The director of the Dragon*Con costuming Track for inviting me to be on the panel.

Well after the costuming panel we had a few hours to kill before me and the wife had to start getting me dressed for the Friday night costume contest. It took us about an hour to get me dressed in my costume and off to the contest. The Friday night costume is set up like this: you check in the at the room and sit and wait for them to call your name to go see the judges, you get 3-5 ins with the judges to show them the costume and all your work in progress info and answer questions, then you go an set back down and wait for the judging to finish so they can line you up to go out on stage. While you are waiting they have a photographer in the back to take nice pictures of you. After you go on stage you wait behind stage to see if you won or not.

Turns out right before we were supposed to go on stage I was informed that the judges were impressed with my costuming skills and moved me out of the Novice ( for attendees age 15 and up that are new to costuming or have never won an award for costuming at a major convention that promotes or focuses on costuming. This level is for newbies: the ones that have talents, want to learn more and be judged on their designs and efforts.) category and into the Journeymanintended for those that have been working at the art of costuming for a few years and have entered and/or won any number of costuming contests in the past. Even if they have been away from making costumes or entering contests for years, they are still considered a Journeyman (or higher) based on past skills and efforts.)category. I didn't place in the main categories but did win an award for Best Representation of a Literary Character
Friday Night Costume Contest winners
After the costume contest we walked around the convention for a few more hour before we ran off to a late night panle that me and the wife wanted to attend called A Steampunk Guide to Sex. Was an awesome panel "geared" (hu hu see what I did there) towards some more adult themes. After the panel I was able to get my picture with Sara Hunter AKA Lady Clankington:
 Well guys tomorrow we cover the biggest day of Dragon*con........ SATURDAY!!!!

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