Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back from the Holiday Break......

Hello again lades and gents!
Wow I apologize for not posting anything since October, Seems that the holidays, school and real-life got the best of me,lets see if I can change that for you guy. The holidays are all over and yet I got some awesome new tools to help me out with all my costuming and prop making. The coming year is another big con year for me and I hope to get myself involved with a few more costuming contest and also costuming panels There are a few Cons here n GA that I will only be attending for 1 day and others that I will be attending the whole convention. Here is what my Con schedule is looking like for the current year:
  • Anachracon  ( February 22-24th 2013: This is a great Steampunk/Alternate history convention here in Atlanta and is moving to a new hotel this year since it has gotten so big. I will prolly only be attending 1 day of this Con due to work.
  • TrekTrax Atlanta ( April 19-20th 2013:  This is a small Trek con that is in its third year and is still getting better. The hotel that they are in is a great hotel and a great crowd. I will be attending this one for the whole con due to the fact that I will be on staff for it and also I will be on a few panels. I am also planning participating in the costume contest.
  • TimeGate ( May 24-26th 2013. This Con is a great combination of Dr.Who and StarGate. The big highlight of this Con this year is the they are going to have a Doctor this year! Colin Baker (The sixth Doctor) will be attending this year so that a big thing to look forward to! We wll prolly only be attending 1 day of this Con due to my work schedule.
  • Sci Fi Summer Con ( 7-9, 2013 This is a small Con that focuses on a lot of local writers, costumers, and media stars. I am planing on doing another cheap costuming panel at this Con but will prolly only be attending for one day  due to work.
  • Dragon*Con( August 30 - September 2nd 2013: I will be attending all 4 days of this great Con. If you have never attending Dragon*con then you don't know what you are missing. I Am hoping to be invited back to be on another panel this year. I will also be walking in the parade in full Klingon gear and also be in the Friday night costume contest.


  1. Can you recommend a place to commission star trek costumes?

  2. Howdy,
    It really depends on what Trek costume you are looking for. I have found that its good look around on Ebay and see what you can find for cheap but remember the old saying here "you get what you pay for". If it seems that its a real cheap deal it may be cheaply made. If you are looking to do a Klingon costume and you don't mind spending a little bit of money q'IDar s your best bet ( There is also the Nightstars ( that do a lot of really good Klingon gear. As for federation costumes I'm sorry I have no good ideas.