Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hose, Hose, Hose.... (and no it's not the Christmas edition )

 Hello all,

Well here we are guys the first article on the new website, took me a few days to get it set up and if anyone has any comments please feel free to send them to me ( Flattcat@yahoo.com).

 OK so I'm gonna talk about hoses today. I have been working on the plague priest costume for awhile now and one of the things I was worried about in cost (since well this is the cheap costuming blog's flagship costume) was the hoses going from my mask to my skull icon.

I decided to go and price this type of hose at Lowes and Home Depot and the lowest price I was able to find was between $5.00 and $7.00 a foot, and I was gonna prolly need a few feet. So i decided that was one of the things I decided to put off to the side to see if I could just find some free hoses somewhere. Well as I was looking for treasures at my local Dollar Tree I found this:
This is actually a product they sale that when you swing it around by the end it whistles and surprisingly they are called Whistle tubes (click picture for link):

So when I looked at them that's when it hit me "holy crap there is my ribbed hoses" so I proceeded to buy 3 of them to try them out. Turns out the flared end of the tubes fit the holes in my mask like a glove:

These hoses are awesome because they will shape with just the heat of your normal everyday hair dryer, Hit them with the highest heat setting till you get them the shape you want them and then shit them with just the fan setting. When you are bending them don't try to do too much at one time cause they will collapse in on themselves.
OK so on to painting them now. 
I will warn you that they don't take paint very well if you dont rough them up a little bit with some fine grit sandpaper (remember kids wash them off after you sand them to get rid of the grit) I painted mine with the old stand-by my black Krylon fusion spray paint. 
 Yes that is a paper clip I used as a hook so I could spray the whole thing at one time but that's a whole different article. So now I have a $1.00 ribbed black hosing that looks as good as the expensive stuff. this is a picture of what I'm planning on doing with them, These hoses are not painted since they are not the ones I'm going to use, they are just so I can figure out sizes
And yes that is a Warhammer 40K book holding the goggles in place. I will be doing an article in the near future on the skull Icon so stay tuned. Now remember that this is a work in progress so this may not be the last you see of the hoses. Well ladies and gents that's all I have for you today so say tuned for our next article .

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  1. I think that spiral tubing can also be really nice as well. I don't know what it is, but it just has a certain look to it that I love! I would love to work with some one of these days.