Wednesday, January 25, 2012

By the prick of my thumb (easy mutation claws)

Hello again all!!!
First I wanna apologize to all our loyal reader (if we have that about the stretch between articles. I seem to have gotten caught up with this thing called real life (and it sucks). For you that don't know me in real life let me share a little about myself before we get going. I left Active army back in 2008 and joined the reserves and have a contract going on till 2014, well lets just say that some "health"  issues have caught up with me in the long run and I may be ending my Army career a tad early. Below is a pic of my last flight home from the sand box. Now that I shared that little bit lets get on to today's topic....
Now when I say mutant claws I know the first thing that you hear in your head is "SNIKT" thanks to Wolverine. But now we are talking the kind of claws that you receive for being a good little chaos worshiper. OK so now lets go back to our favorite cheap store..... THE $1.00 STORE!!!
OK so as you see above we are starting with your plain old monster fingers, you can get 10 in a pack for $1.00. the first thing you need to do is try them on to get an idea of how they fit and where you are going to have to cut them down at.

As you can see in the above pix I had to cut them down a bit for them to fit on my big kid fingers, as you can see a little sloppy cutting but dont worry you want see them. The plan is that with the Plague preacher is that where ever there is open skin it will be covered by nasty gauze.
So that brown color just doesn't seem to fit in with the costume does it????
I used the Rotting flesh paint color and gave them a good coating but not thick enough to hide all the brown color.
and before some ask...... YES that is the rotating chamber of the Nerf Maverick...... hey it was around and it worked to help them stand up. so as you can see i left the nails brown for a good reason..... YES I am going to use nail polish to paint them!!! after raiding the Girlfriends fingernail polishes I finally settled on black. These plastic nails were just like trying to paint real finger nails, you couldn't just slap a thick coat on and go for it. you had to lay the polish down in layers and let them dry.
and remember if you not wearing some of your paint then you are doing it wrong.
So after letting the nail polish dry for a day or so this is how they turned out:
As you see they fit a little better now and look a tad dead and nasty, a piece of advice I can give you it that if you have a big thumb (like yours truly) you may have to slit the bottom of the thumb claw. These fit really tight soo we shall see what happens when I start sweating with them on. Well ladies and gents here we are at the end of another article about cheap costuming. If there is something you wanna see an article on, or want to know please feel free to drop me and email and I will see what I can do. If I cant write an article about it I will try to see if I can find a guest writer to help out.

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