Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Patient Zero

Hello again all.... its the time that I know a few have been waiting for, the beginning post of the Plague Preacher. So let me start off with a picture of the costume that has inspired me to work on this costume:
This is a model that is offered from Forge World (a company that makes high quality models for Warhammer 40K). I saw this model towards the end of Dragon*Con last year and it stuck in my head. First and foremost I am not trying to copy this costume I am using it for inspiration, so if you see something I'm doing and you can find it on the model don't freak out. Ok so now we have the idea time to get the materials together. After a few trips to Dollar store (during the Halloween seasons) We acquired prolly 90% of the costume at a very low cost, as you can see bellow:
The most expensive part of the costume will prolly be the robe component of the costume (which my Girlfriend is gonna hate making) the cost of it is going to be in the material to make it. One of the items I was very excited about getting for FREE was the respirator  for the face mask
This was an example of just asking around for stuff people are gonna get rid of. The person I got this from was going to toss it because he had gotten a better one. Before you say ewwwwwwww it had only been used once and I cleaned it hardcore with rubbing alcohol. So after we started getting the peices together it was time to try and lay out the idea for what goes where. So I took the main photo and slapped into paint and made a few notes:
Here is where I'm gonna throw out a lesson I learned last year....... PLAN OUT YOUR COSTUME!!!!! We made the mistake last year of trying to do everything by the seat of our pants and got lost and screwed up a few times.
After seeing the "plan" we decided to start seeing how things fir together. The first thing I did was take the filters off the side of the mask (this was accomplished with a small pair of wire cutters:
  After we  got the filters off we decide to see how the "hoses" looked on the mask:
Thunder cats HOOOOOOO!!!!! ok so this was the picture that made me realize that the mask harness had to go cause it made the mask sit weird. We are still working on a new mounting idea. So I attacked it again with my small wire cutter and ended up with this:
And here it is with the hoses inserted:
Yes the trashcan is labeled NO FOOD for a reason..... I dont need any small buggy helpers.
During this time we were still looking around for "parts" for the costume and while we were at target we found an awesome prop dagger that we relized would look awesome if we made a few "adjustments" to it:
Yes stop laffing I wear ninja turtle sleep pants.... after a few quick slices with a small saw we ended up with a Plague knife:
The next plan for this piece is a quick paint job and some leather wrapping on the handle and a few plague symbols added.
So now the Halloween season is over and done with and we raided all the stores for Halloween leftovers and got some awesome deals on items. Below is a pic of one of the deals we got:
This was part of a "skeleton in a bag deal" we got that was on sale from $15.00 down to $4.00, and all the bones in the bag are life-size!!!. Little word of wisdom after the Halloween season grab up as many skulls and bones as you can because once Halloween is over and done with skulls and bones are hard to find unless you wanna pay high cost on Ebay or costuming stores.
After looking at the skull I realized that it need a little work to seem a little more "real" so after 3 hours of looking on-line for a 3D skull I could rotate I broke out the early Christmas present from the girlfriend (aka the Dremel) and started opening up a few spots on it:
Yes I know touch up is needed..... Stay tuned.
Now on to a few maks updates. after cutting off the straps we noticed that the center nose piece was kinda plain so we  decide to drill a few holes into it as you can see in one of the pictures the source of much time lost is visible (damn you Skyrim!!!!!!) and of course as I have said before Coca-Cola, a gamers best friend.
After the drilling we noticed that the centerpiece was a tad bit see thru so we decided to ad a little paint to it to cover it up (Rotting Flesh-----YES that is the name of the paint). Took 2 coats of paint to cover it up completely the first pic is the the first coat and the second is the final coat with one of our chihuahuas (Rudy is his name) peeking thru the center nose hole, everyone say hello.
Well ladies and gents that's all I have to report right now on this costume but stay tuned we will be adding more post and also adding in some more articles and also stay tuned in a few moments for a really cool thing that has been in the works and has finally gotten confirmed so now I can talk about it.

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