Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Short and to the Point (Quick Knife project)

Hello all,
So you thought that all you would see post about on here is warhammer 40K....... FOOLED YOU!!! Yes I do other costuming then just warhammer 40K and here is my first posting about some Klingon costuming we do.... yes this post is a little costly and a little short, but was a very easy project to do
I recently purchased one of the live steel Daqtagh (klingon honor blade) at Dragon*Con (for a steal at $30.00). I have always loved the live steel version but the whole "crown of thorns" on the end has always bothered me, so with new Dremel in hand I decided to fix that problem here is the original:
After a little experimenting finding the right blades to cut with ( damn my mate for buying me the 80 piece set with it.) I finally got that top off the dagger, I took one of the sanding attachments and sanded down all the edges and also rounded off the edges:
So after wasting one scull by trying to fit it around the top I decided to just to drill a hole in the bottom and keep test fitting it till I got a tight fit.
I finally got the tight fit and decided to fill the skull with Gorilla glue (careful with this stuff cause it will expand 3-4X the amount you add). The next day after cleaning up a lil bit of overflow from the glue expanding I added more gorilla glue and attached the skull to the Knife. After everything set I decided to add a little more details to the knife and wrapped the handle with some leather straps I had laying around the house:
So know that I have gave my Dagger a little more personal character I have to go see about getting that ugly phoenix design off the sheath or get a new one. If you haven't figured out yet I like to give my Klingon stuff a different look then normal Klingon gear. Total cost of this modification was $40.00 ($30.00 for the dagger, $5.00 for the paint, $1.00 pack of skulls, and $4.00 roll of leather strap) Since you guys are such good people people I'll even give you a sneak peak at my Dollar store gauntlets I'm working on (SHHHHHHH don't tell anyone) :
Also I will be posting up in the next day a guest article written by a friend from another forum about some costuming tips, So be prepared.......

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