Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Things NOT to spare on!!!!

Hello all .......
We have a guest article here today from a forum friend on Obscurus Crusade and he talks about 3 things that you should NEVER skip on when you are doing your costuming. So with out anymore yapping from me I present Seraphic Machine:

There are three things one should not spare on, the first of them being of course safety. Accidents do happen even to the practiced, and it goes without saying that one should not leave his bodily soundness to good luck (like when a sewing machine needle broke and a rather pointy piece of it splinced off of my glasses). A box of latex gloves costs a dollar or two, but there are fifty pairs of them in it, and they will last for years, not to speak of safety goggles, masks and the rest.
And we are already at the second point: tools. The quality of your tools contributes to the quality of your work. You might find very cheap ones, but think of them more as investments: a tool worth its money will last your whole life long, and honestly, the chances that inexplicable (even dangerous) malfunctions happen are also a lot lower with brands of long standing.
And finally:
The effort you put into your costumes clearly shows. One hears a lot of horror stories about glued-on bows and taped-together cardboard weapons, but there is a clear difference between saving time and slapping something together. When you aren't in the mood, you are irritated or scatterbrained, just leave it lie (but don't forget to make a time plan so you won't be forced to rush in the end), until you can sit down fully concentrated again. If needed, re-do the parts you are unsatisfied with, this way you won't spend your time in costume cramping about whether anyone will notice it, and you will be proud of yourself for this professional approach. After all, we aspire to be the best of the best

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