Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To be or not to be.......... In a group

Hello again all..... I hope you all enjoyed out first guest article written by Dana Tyler, look forward to seeing some more from her in the future. What I'm gonna talk about in this article is costuming groups and FANdom groups. I know that we have been talking about cheap costuming but let me jump off the train for a second and talk about groups. I am currently part of a couple of groups that focus on Warhammer 40K costuming and Klingon costuming. I will say that both groups have been a huge help to my costuming growth. The great thing about being part of a group is the knowledge base that is out there, There are people out there that have wayyyyyyyyy more costuming knowledge then I do.
The main group that I am part of is called Obscurus Crusade and they focus mostly on Warhammer 40K costuming. This is a great group of people that i had the pleasure of meeting a good many of them at Dragon*Con 2011. This group is a good group for people that are just starting out or if your an old pro. I came to the Obscurus Crusade with very little costuming knowledge and was a little afraid to as some of the Newbie questions, so I stalked the forums for a little while and after seeing the kinda of help they were giving people I started posting and asking questions. The help and also motivation i received from these guys was essential in finishing my Inquisitor costume.
The other costuming group I am part of is K.A.G (Klingon Assault Group).  This group focuses mostly on costuming for well....Klingons. They are also an activity group and also do a lot of charity work. This group is also full of lots of knowledge and craftsmen. They are very welcoming to new members and love to help get new members "ridged up'd" as they like to say.
Now just talking groups in general there are good and bad things that come with being part of a group, The good thing is that you are able to make a lot of new friends and the knowledge. The bad thing is that there can be a lot of  Drama so be warned. Not all groups will be drama filled but some are. I know that some people do great with groups and some don't so it's your own preference. Well ladies and gents I'm going to close up this article with one piece of personal advice from yours truly, "do what feels right for you, if you like going solo then by all means stay solo. If you like having a group of people to ask advice from then please find a great group." 
  Have a great Evening everyone

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