Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Word for today: Clearance!

Greetings everyone! I thought I would start off my first blog post with a quick discussion on one of the most beautiful sights a shopper can see: The Clearance Rack. ::insert angelic music and heavenly glow::
Halloween is a great time to pick up hard to find costuming pieces, not just for the season, but for any and all costuming needs. Clothing, jewelry, accessories, makeup, spirit glue, etc. If there is something that you just HAVE to get and there is a chance the store will sell out of it, then I would recommend picking it up while you can. Otherwise, wait for the day after the holiday and hit the stores early. Leave for work a little earlier than usual if needed. But dig through those bins thoroughly because you never know what you may find! Example: John had been looking at the halloween skeletons for his Plague Priest costume that he's working on, but I kept balking at the $10 price tag on it. Day after halloween I had to stop at Walgreens for some items and naturally hit the clearance section. Lo and behold, I found his skeleton for $3.99! (Woot!)
So the moral of today's blog: always shop the holiday clearance rack because you never know what untold treasure(s) are waiting for you!
Have a great evening everyone and keep pinching those pennies til you make Lincoln squeal!

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