Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dirty, Dirty Dirt

Howdy ladies and gents!!!

Be shocked and amazed two article in one month!!!! Been a busy first part of the month getting ready for TXA (Trek Trax Atlanta on April 20-22) and getting my Klingon on. Took a break from my Klingon costuming to work a little bit on the plague banner. I looked around at hobby lobby and such and realized that sand and mold pre-made tends to cost you a bit if you buy it. If you go to any hobby store and look for flocking like you use in a model it will cost you a bit. I was sitting around one day and wondered if i could make my own mold and dirt that would stick to my props and not suck my wallet dry. So after a little experimenting I ended up with this:
in sun

I posted a few of these pics on a costuming group I am part of and the main comment I got was that it looked to shiny and bright. So after a little experimenting here is what I came up with you will need the following ingredients:
  • Modge Podge Matte glue ( you can get at any hobby store or here)
  • Fine craft sand  (got 1 1/2 pounds at Hobby Lobby for $2.49)
  • Paints (depends on what color you what your dirt or mold to be)
So lets get started this is what I use to make mine:
The paint colors I use are:
 Now go get yourself a small container you dont mind using and something to stir with unless you dont mind using your fingers (I use mine). Pour yourself out a small pile of the sand ( the amount depends on how much you wanna make or how thick you want it to be:
 Now add in your glue I suggest starting out with a small amount and build up:
If you add to much glue then add some more sand to it, don't worry you can add more sand or glue if you get it to thick. Now is the time to add your paint (remember paint will add a little liquid to the mix so be prepared to add in a little sand). Give it all a good stirring to make sure the paint is mixed in. ****Now that you have added paint it will stain the same color as the paint so be careful.**** If you want to make a mix with out the paint then it will dry the color of the sand.
without paint
Paint added to mix
If you decided not to use any paint the mix will dry clear and a little bit shiny. the thicker you make the mix the easier it will be to make small hills or dips that can soak up paint.
 One thing here is that you can make this as thick or thin as you like. The mix will take a few hours to dry and then you need to spray it with some type of sealant or the sand will flake off as you touch it. With a little  paint and some washes you can end up with some pretty dirty dirt

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