Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Klingon Bracers..... The Next Generation

Hello all!!!!

Sorry I haven't written a post in a bit we have been really busy the last few weeks gearing up for a few local conventions in our area and also for our wedding in May. Before I get into today's blog let me do a little promoting for the local convention we are attending this month:
  This is a new Trek convention here in the GA area, it is also its second year running. It is a small convention that is also a great social convention. make sure you come by in April and check it out!

OK so on to today's topic wayyyyyy back in January I posted a blog about my $1.00 Klingon Bracers and promised to keep you guys updated on them. Well after a trip to Goodwill my $1.00 bracers have increased in price they are no a whopping........ wait for it...... $3.00 Klingon bracers! The trip to Goodwill was supposed to be a Nerf hunt but turned into a treasure hunt. I found a pair of children's shin guards that fit my arm just perfect and they only cost me $2.00 to grab:
The biggest changes that had to be made to them was to take the cloth padding out of the inside and a small amount on cutting to make them fit the original bracers
 To get the plastic original bracers to fit the shin guards I heated them with a household blow dryer ( yes I'm to cheap to buy a heat gun) and laid them on top of the shin guard and held them down with a few rubber bands pulled tight to hold them till they cooled down. After they cooled off I glued them down with hot glue and a small amount of Goop.

After they cooled down I decided to to continue the paint job on the plastic bracers onto the shin guards to tie them together:
If you look at a lot of pictures of the Klingon costume you see  claws on the gloves, I decided to take the idea and add the claws to the bracers. So off to Hobby Lobby I go, they sale in their leather working section a small bag of plastic claws for $3.00. I didn't add the cost of the claws into the bracers because I can use the left overs in another costume. So a little work with my Dremel and a lot of hot glue (now i think back I should have used epoxy) I got the claws attached to the bracers:

side view

The funny thing with the side view picture is you can see part of the crafting room and up in the top corner is a view at my idea/reference board for the plague preacher. Well right now the only thing to do to the bracers is shorten the Velcro strap so that it fits my arm without having a foot extra to tuck away:
Stay tuned for pics from Trek Trax Atlanta of the gauntlets in action!!!

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