Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sharp and Pointy.......(plague knife W.I.P.)

When I started collecting the stuff for the costume I debated between a plague knife and a plague sword, well after thinking about carrying a sword and banner or knife and banner the knife won out. No need looking like the pack-mule of Nurgle. As Halloween was winding down I found this awesome looking knife at Target for $3.00 dollars:
After looking at it for a few i decided to cut it in half and use part for the knife and the other half for something in the future ( starting to have a huge Bitz box now)

After it setting around the house for a bit i decided to work on it since the weather here in GA has been in the 20's (-5 centigrade). So to go from that metal look to an infected stone look I had to go dig thru my paints box and decided on this color palette:

The first thing I did was spray the blade with beaten silver spray and then dry-brushed on the grey and stone colors to dull up the silver and give it that quartz/granite look:

After the main paint dried i went back over the whole thing with green wash to make it look infected:



So after the blade dried we added a thick coat of a glossy varnish (gave it that wet look and tied the colors together. After the blade dried and with a little help and advice from my GF (yes I have one so stop laffing) we decided to get some leather strips( $2.77 for 3 feet of it at Hobby Lobby) and wrap the handle. I decided to use some of the brass studs (aka Carpet tacks) I had laying around to help stick the leather to the plastic handle and also to add some details ( yes if you notice everything is in groups of 3 aka Nurgles symbol):
After almost finishing up we decided to use some of the left over leather strip to make a loop to hang from a belt:

So here is the final knife... right now its finished for now:


Stay tuned I am going to be posting up some pics of some of the finds I have made at the Dollar store and also goodwill..

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